Intercultural Talk is a blog about all things…

  • Intercultural (relationships, anti-racism)
  • Intergenerational (or making sense of the world one ages)
  • Marketing and Social Media, particularly for people who didn’t grow up with it, but won’t grow old (if they want to stay relevant) without it.

Mixed in are bits on stereotypes in advertising, intercultural parenting, ideas for business and a little satire (who doesn’t need a good laugh in the middle of the day?)

I’m curious about what makes people tick inside, and what makes people dislike or discriminate against another based on a genetic manifestation.

And, no space for haters…I’m interested in the dynamics of un- or sub-conscious-bias, believing that people would be open and embracing of change if they knew they were doing it and weren’t afraid to acknowledge it.

Guest bloggers on related topics welcome. Please contact me.