You are the hero of your story.

For you, it’s more than just about business. It’s about making a difference in the world and in individual lives.


But people have to find you, first.

You are smart and successful, but you didn’t grow up on modern technology (aka a ‘non-digital native’). Now your find your pipeline of clients is dwindling. You want to have a positive, dynamic presence online, and want to connect to customers in real life, too.

And, maybe, once your strategy and platforms are set up, you want to do some of it yourself…but you need someone who can set up the systems and teach you how to run the ship.

Whether you are an active business owner with years of growth ahead of you or retired with that one dream, passion project that will change the world, we are here to help.

Business Marketing Strategies

Our Goal at Intercultural Talk, Inc. is simple: to make your life easier and to make your business be visible, get clients, garner resources, reach your strategic goals.

Digital, Intercultural, and Real World Marketing: Strategy and Tactics.

We meet you where you are, helping you define a clear strategy and brand, and a strong online (searchable!) presence, from website to blog to video and social media. “Real Life” activities round out your super powers, as we book speaking events, place media articles, create events to complement your marketing and communications needs.

Do all of your customers look just like you?
You will reach new audiences or more deeply engage with your customers with community engagement, targeted writing and media outreach, creative partnerships and more.

If people “Google” you or the service you provide, will they find you?
It’s time to create an online presence…social media, website, blogging, email/newsletters, print, events–everything layered and integrated together.​


Deanna Shoss

Expertise: Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Intercultural Communications, PR and Writing, Marketing Process Engineering

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Strategic Partners

Elmer Dixon

Executive Diversity Services
​Expertise: Cultural Diversity, Workplace Training, Consulting, Organizational Development, International Manager and Trainer

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Wendy Swart Grossman

​Boston Office
​Expertise: Cultural Entrepreneurship, Grass-roots Campaigns, Non-profit Board Development, Capacity Building


Brianna Buford
Brianna Buford & Co.
Expertise: Virtual Assistance, Writing, Social Media


Tom Deja
​Bossman Graphics
​Expertise: Logos, Branding, Graphic Design


Steve Haller
Online Transition, Inc.
Expertise: Website Design

Orel Chollette
Expertise: Video Production & Photography

Steve Szymke 
STS Productions
Expertise: Video Production & Podasting