Stats, Data or YOU?

What do you think about stats and data? Statistics is about collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting data. As technology becomes more present in our daily lives, more data is being generated and collected now than ever before in human history. We worry about who is measuring what about us, and what we should be measuring…


It’s YOUR Vision…Make it FABULOUS!

Christopher Clinton Conway is a globally-engaged nonprofit leader, serving iconic nonprofit institutions and high-net-worth individuals, in pursuit of meaningful impact and lasting change. He’s built his business as a jet-setting globetrotter with offices in LA, Chicago and Dublin, building meaningful connections and capturing micro-moments of beauty along the way. Bold in character, style and profound positive impact, hear how Christopher is living the dream, his dream, by design.


Cold Calling as an Ethical Obligation

Do you like to make cold calls? One study found that 87% of respondents said they ignore phone calls from unknown numbers “often” or “very often.” (MarTech) I’ve long counseled clients to network and build relationships, boldly stating “cold calls don’t work.” Could I be missing out on opportunities? I have a friend who answers…


Do it scared: How Relationships and Cold Calls Equals Success

Let’s talk about the power of cold calls and how to swallow the fear to make them!

Valerie Leonard is the host of the Nonprofit Utopia Live podcast and founder of Nonprofit Utopia, LLC. She teaches entrepreneurship and new ventures at Roosevelt University and Nonprofit Operations Management at UIC.

Hear how she layers multiple “products” from memberships to leadership coaching to consulting and teaching, to build a thriving business.


What Tech Do You Really Need for Your Business?

Do you ever see those surveys? The ones asking, “which of these solutions do you use for ….” It could be everything from project management to sending email to creating video. While I thought I was doing okay (Constant Contact for email, Streamyard for live streaming, Canva for graphics), I didn’t recognize most of the…