Halftime, Anytime

Halftimes are different than second acts. It’s not about reinvention but rather looking at what’s working, what to change, and motivating the whole team to move forward successfully. It’s about breathing for a minute and then going onto the next period on that ongoing trajectory of engaging and succeeding in life. Adrian and Deanna celebrate the adventure called life, as Adrian transitions from leading within an organization to running her own business. And, she shares her expert tips on leadership that she has garnered along the way!

How to double your business, double your impact, and change the world

Award winning speaker and consultant, Sarah Victory, joins us this week to share the secret of doubling your business and success to change the world! For our passionate small business owners, this is an incredible opportunity to hear from the very best consultant on what you can start doing now to grow your impact and business to soaring heights. Don’t forget to check out Sarah’s newest book, How to Be Powerful: Insider Secrets to Brilliant Leadership, Sales and Speaking.

Vulnerability and Generational Trauma

What are the effects of generational trauma? Is there a way to heal? This week’s guest, Ed Norwood, has dedicated much of his life’s work using lessons from the Jonestown Tragedy to help transform and advocate for change within the healthcare delivery process. In his new book, Be a Giant Killer, Ed focuses on how to help restore family history and break the patterns of past trauma to help future generations heal and not continue reliving the past. Ed is President of ERN/The National Council of Reimbursement Advocacy and also works in change management and leadership development to help break barriers and re-ignite the passion among workplace leaders.

Changing the World through the Arts with Bill Cleveland

This week’s guest, William (Bill) Cleveland is part artist, part activist, inspiring community development in the U.S and abroad through various art projects and mediums. Founder of the Center for the Study of Art and Community, Bill materializes his mission to build a bridge between local artists and the needs of the broader community into this center that has operated for over an incredible thirty years helping heal communities, educate and inform, and mobilize people into action. In his new podcast, Change the Story / Change the World Bill follows the stories of artistic community change agents such as musicians, poets and dancers, battling white supremacy, COVID-19, militias. Tune in to hear first from Bill how he’s created his organization and inspired communities across the globe.

New and Trending in Business Tech

Interested in what’s new and brewing in the business tech industry? Hear it first from tech expert Thierry Hubert, Chief Technology Officer at DigiMax Global. After 30 years in the industry, Theirry has worked among fortune 100 companies across the globe, receiving awards and recognition for his contribution to the field. For this week’s show we will chat about all the changes, improvements, and future of tech in business and what tech you can start using for your business.

An Artist’s Lens on Business and Life

What is the life of an artist like? Kai-Duc Luong has had an incredible journey from beginning with leaving Cambodia as a child as refugees to now showcasing his art internationally at film festivals, museums, and galleries. This week we will discuss a new outlook on business from the perspective of an amazing artist. Luong currently operates as an award-winning film-maker and videographer. He is currently working on a new project inspired by Dante’s Divine Inferno, an opera film production set to complete by the end of 2022.

Activate Your Sex Power

How can pleasure boost a woman’s power and become a catalyst for empowerment? Author, actress, and host of “The Goddess Power Show” Elizabeth Atkins does not shy away from womanist issues and explores provocative topics to inspire women to re-frame how we view traditionally taboo topics. Best-selling author of an incredible twenty books, speaker who promotes human harmony, and fitness enthusiast, Elizabeth brings a whole new perspective to empowerment. This is not a conversation you’ll want to miss!

How to Build a Global, Cross-cultural Consultancy

How can you make your business thrive — in your local area AND across the globe? This week’s guest, Gabor Holch, can tell you all about it as a successful business owner who has traveled to over 30 countries for executive assignments and intercultural leadership coaching. Founder of Campanile Management Consulting, Gabor is an expert in all things intercultural with decades of experience working internationally, consulting for hundreds of clients across the globe. We’ll be learning what are the foundations for building your own global consultancy and gain tips to make the business successful!