Why Doesn’t that Exist? How a Panic Attack Drove a High-Tech Invention

As a senior in college, rootd.io app creator Ania Wysocka found herself alone, far from family, and having a panic attack. “It’s not right that I can’t find help right when I need it,” she thought. One million downloads of her panic attack & anxiety relief app later, it turns out she wasn’t alone. Between that anxious wake-up moment and her current high-tech success, lies a story of an entrepreneur who was rebuffed for age and gender. And who, nevertheless, persisted.

How to Stay Relevant by Staying Current

For Laurence “Larry” Minsky, he learns by writing. When he gets curious about what’s coming down the pike he does research that may lead to a blog post that may grow into an article that ends up as a published book. Or, 8 books plus one on the way to be more specific. With technology changing every day, Larry shares his tricks to staying relevant and even recognizing trends before they happen.

The First Responder to First Responders, Dahlia Fahmy of Sports & Ortho

It all started when Dahlia’s dad gave her a hard time about getting her allowance. “I’ll just make my own money,” she thought. For Dahlia Fahmy, that means being the founder and owner of one of the largest woman-owned physical therapy practices in Chicagoland, Sports and Ortho Physical Therapy. See how she transforms lives and keeps people at the top of their game with deep knowledge and industry innovation.