Is Project Management Software Worth It for Smaller Small Businesses?

I don’t know about you, but I get prospected by new software platforms that promise to automate my business and let me work less and do more. Yay for that! But they are often a proprietary dashboard that’s cumbersome and complicated and feel like sending an ambulance to solve a paper cut. Technologist Thierry Hubert (who created one of the first web-based workflow/project management systems for Lotus back in the day) joins to talk about what’s out there, what might scale for super small businesses (that’s team…not teams), and if or how they might help your microbusiness.

Celebrate Your Best Age!

Lorraine Ladish is a digital creator and the Founder and CEO of Viva Fifty! a bilingual community that celebrates being 50+. She is the published bilingual (Spanish-English) author of 18 books. She has cracked the secret of monetizing the Internet, building community, and says “my best days aren’t behind me and neither are yours!”

It’s Never Too Late

A husband at 47, a baby at 49 and her own business just shy of her 51st birthday, Cindy Kienzle, Founder and Chief Baking Officer at Hungry Monkey Baking Company says it’s never too late to build the life you want!

As seen on, featuring the delicious banana bread, triple chocolate brownies and other products loved by THE Howie Mandel! (So delicious, I gained 5 pounds just planning this show!)

Hear how she does it, the tech and systems she uses and how she gives back.

Talking Culture: Bias, Blinders and Rules

Alan Headbloom is an award-winning language coach and interculturalist. He works online and in-person with foreign-born professionals in hospitals, colleges, and industry, helping them acculturate to American English and American ways. His tutorials and lessons work for US Americans, too! (Says the person who learned about US football and hand-shaking protocol in the US…from him!) Alan talks regularly about the importance of welcoming immigrants and the “insidious presence of ethnocentrism in our lives.”

Trust Your Gut

David Manilow is a lifelong Chicagoan and committed foodie who is a strong believer in trusting your instincts in business. He has produced sports, travel and food-related television programs for ABC, HBO, ESPN, CNBC and PBS. In 2001, he created the Emmy and James Beard Award-winning restaurant review program Check, Please! in Chicago and spin-offs in eight other markets.David’s newest venture is a weekly food and drink podcast with Crain’s Chicago Business, “The Dining Table.”

Portraits and Stories: Business, Personal and Creativity

When you are a creative professional, is there such a thing as a separation between “business” and “professional”? Boston-based photographer Liz Linder shares how she captures stories through portraits and how her work in the shadows draws people in. Liz uses images to tell stories that matter. She’s captured iconic personalities such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, Carly Simon and Quincy Jones.

Re-Thinking Interculturalism

SIETAR is the Society of Intercultural Educators, Trainers, and Researchers and this year’s conference is in Malta! Broadcasting Live from the conference. This year’s theme asks: “Does interculturalism need to be replaced, reformed, or reshaped to match the challenges (deterioration of the environment, rising racism, and rise of global populism) this world faces?

We’re Going to VAGUS!

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we welcome Margo Jacquot, Psy.D., CSADC, BCETS to the show. We’ll talk about what triggers our nervous system, what happens to our bodies when our nervous system gets activated and tricks to reset it to stay focused on our business in the present. (That’s where vagus, as in the vagus nerve, comes in.) Dr. Margo is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. She’s the founder of The Juniper Center, with 70 clinicians at five locations and across Illinois and Indiana with telehealth.