The First Responder to First Responders, Dahlia Fahmy of Sports & Ortho

It all started when Dahlia’s dad gave her a hard time about getting her allowance. “I’ll just make my own money,” she thought. For Dahlia Fahmy, that means being the founder and owner of one of the largest woman-owned physical therapy practices in Chicagoland, Sports and Ortho Physical Therapy. See how she transforms lives and keeps people at the top of their game with deep knowledge and industry innovation.

Pick & Choose: Doing the Parts Your Love the Most

“There’s good and bad with every job” is something we’re led to believe is a sold fact of life. Marc Warzecha, former Second City writer, actor, improviser says “that’s not true!” He turned in some of his hats (and reconciled that he could be successful without being famous), followed his passion and founded The Sketch School, the only training ground dedicated exclusively to sketch and shortform comedy, available online from anywhere in the world.

Is Your Cursing Making You Look Old?

John McWhorter, Columbia University professor of linguistics, NY Times columnist and 20-time author joins the show to talk about historic and cultural influences on language and how language ebbs, flows and evolves over time. We’ll start with his newest book, 9 Nasty Words: English in the Gutter – English in the Gutter: Then, Now, and Forever.