It’s YOUR Vision…Make it FABULOUS!

Christopher Clinton Conway is a globally-engaged nonprofit leader, serving iconic nonprofit institutions and high-net-worth individuals, in pursuit of meaningful impact and lasting change. He’s built his business as a jet-setting globetrotter with offices in LA, Chicago and Dublin, building meaningful connections and capturing micro-moments of beauty along the way. Bold in character, style and profound positive impact, hear how Christopher is living the dream, his dream, by design.

Do it scared: How Relationships and Cold Calls Equals Success

Let’s talk about the power of cold calls and how to swallow the fear to make them!

Valerie Leonard is the host of the Nonprofit Utopia Live podcast and founder of Nonprofit Utopia, LLC. She teaches entrepreneurship and new ventures at Roosevelt University and Nonprofit Operations Management at UIC.

Hear how she layers multiple “products” from memberships to leadership coaching to consulting and teaching, to build a thriving business.

How to Build Community. Literally

So many people try to build an online community. Davia Samms is building one, in real-life. In Costa Rica. A self-identified melanated person, Davia grew tired of the daily microaggressions of being a person of color living in the US. “Why would I live in a country that doesn’t want me?” she asked. So she moved to Costa Rica and opened a business to help others–individuals and families– planfully leave toxic environments and lead more fulfilling lives. Davia’s husband, attorney Gregory Antonio Samms also joins the conversation.

Same Product, New Frame How One Marketer/Mom Found Her Purpose

Lucy Colangelo is a longtime marketing communications professional who had created a tried and true process to help business owners find their purpose and authentic voice online. Then a friend asked if this process would work to help her teenaged child, who was in crisis, find focus. It worked. That moment inspired Lucy to shift her focus and create the ShineOn™ Method. Two years in and she’s working to scale this into a full-on ShineOn™ Experience, building it into a digital and personal platform that empowers teens and helps their parents get into a new and powerful conversations with them.

Why Doesn’t that Exist? How a Panic Attack Drove a High-Tech Invention

As a senior in college, app creator Ania Wysocka found herself alone, far from family, and having a panic attack. “It’s not right that I can’t find help right when I need it,” she thought. One million downloads of her panic attack & anxiety relief app later, it turns out she wasn’t alone. Between that anxious wake-up moment and her current high-tech success, lies a story of an entrepreneur who was rebuffed for age and gender. And who, nevertheless, persisted.