Is Your Cursing Making You Look Old?

John McWhorter, Columbia University professor of linguistics, NY Times columnist and 20-time author joins the show to talk about historic and cultural influences on language and how language ebbs, flows and evolves over time. We’ll start with his newest book, 9 Nasty Words: English in the Gutter – English in the Gutter: Then, Now, and Forever.

Giving and Getting Feedback

As changemakers in the world even as we drive our businesses we are often working with volunteers or corralling support around our ideas. Being able to receive feedback is critical on the road to shining as your authentic self. Listen to the interview from The Suggestion Box: Navigating Feedback The Good, The Bad, and the Say Whaattt? with Nicole Smith.

You Teach Me, I Teach You: The New Age of Internships

Internships are the essence of two-way, intergenerational exchange, with leadership, technology and more. Lynn Hazan of Lynn Hazan & Associates is joined by two of her current interns, Fiona Noonan and Lily Lowndes, on the transformative nature of the LH&A internship program. Sid Khaitan, former intern at Intercultural Talk and now a digital content creator, also joins.