How Many Bushels Am I Worth?

 ‘How Many Bushels Am I Worth?’ to Make January 2020 Debut in Providence, NYC

The play “How Many Bushels Am I Worth?” will debut in January 2020 in Providence, Rhode Island, and New York City, marking five decades since the first wave of immigration of Soviet Jews to the United States.  Through the lens of the Shklyanoys’ emigration, the play highlights a unique time in Jewish history: when establishment organizations and grass-roots advocacy groups coalesced to secure the release of Soviet Jews. 

Artificial Intelligence Explained for Non-Digital Natives

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution of Machine Intelligence is real. It will define which businesses live and die in the next decade. And the first casualties will be those who fail to adopt and adapt.” Okay, before you start to hyperventilate or call your artificial intelligence wallpaper doctor, the quote above is from Hypergiant, a company that…