The Juniper Center

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The Juniper Center has 40 clinicians across five locations in greater Chicagoland, providing a wide range of counseling and therapy services and expertise.

In addition to overall marketing to grow their client base (the number of clinicians has grown from 19 to 40 since we began working together), The Juniper Center needed more concise language to highlight key areas of expertise (note the new Trauma, Addiction, LGBTQ and Relationships focus on the homepage), and a strategy and plan for implementation to increase The Juniper Center’s online presence.

As with many successful businesses, the owner and clinicians have the expertise in their subject area, but no time for promoting that. Intercultural Talk works seamlessly with Dr. Jacquot and the clinicians to post content to social media and create ongoing blog content. The result has been increased engagement on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and regular blog posts to increase searchability around key topic areas.

Intercultural Talk also supports The Juniper Center’s goal of a strong leadership presence in the communities it serves with events, media outreach and connection to local chambers to maximize The Juniper Center’s membership.

Additional support includes a full suite of branded online platforms and including:

The Juniper Center Website
The Juniper Center Blog
The Juniper Center Facebook Page


“Intercultural Talk and Deanna Shoss have brought us into the modern age of marketing and strategy.  Through her extensive expertise in development and utilization of social media platforms, website consultation and marketing event planning, Deanna has helped us connect with many more potential referral sources and clients as well as having a broader reach for our message of reducing pain, improving lives and helping people become whole again.”

– Margo Jacquot. Psy.D., CSADC, BCETS
Founder and Owner, The Juniper Center

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