For Non-Native Speakers of English

Differences in culture and language can get in the way of clear communication. Add complexity of ideas or technical jargon, and your message may be lost forever, stifling leadership growth and workplace productivity.

Are you having trouble conveying your ideas to colleagues, team members and staff?
Do you feel that people undervalue your intelligence and experience?
Are people misinterpreting the intended tone or emotion behind your written communications?

Executive Business Writing Coaching for Non-Native Speakers of English can help.

Who this is for:

Non-native speakers of English who are:

  • Leaders of international companies with US offices
  • Program managers or team leaders
  • Responsible for preparing reports (or technical experts preparing reports for a lay-audience) or written communications

How it works:

Confidential editing and review of materials written in English: emails, correspondence, reports, professional presentations, speeches, articles and more.

  • Initial in-person consultation to understand need, priorities, obstacles and tone you wish to convey in writing.
  • Send your drafts via email for review and editing, with telephone and skype (or WebEx, etc.) support conversations as needed.
  • Items will be returned with changes tracked (or not–your preference)
  • Periodic reports will summarize repeat corrections, for ongoing learning and improvement.
  • Available in packages of five to ten hours to work on specific documents or skills, or a monthly stipend (six months minimum) for ongoing review, support and strategic guidance.
  • Small group workshops for the workplace also available.


Be the most effective leader you can be.

  • Convey your personality through your written English.
  • Match the tone of your writing to the format and intended audience.
  • Present complex information clearly and succinctly to support your business goals
  • Adapt your writing style for the USAmerican workplace.
  • Create more strategic and effective written business documents to excel in the workplace

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