When should you post on Facebook? How can you better leverage a partnership opportunity? How can you boost your website’s impact (or know when you should create a whole new one)?

Access Your Secret Super Power with Marketing Coaching

Coaching is a powerful (and cost effective) way to be your best you — especially when you’re already out there hustling. 

Sure, you know HOW to post but need guidance on WHAT and WHY. Sometimes it’s the little tweaks from a guide that can help you take what you are already doing from super to supercharged (doesn’t that make you feel invincible already?).  

Strategy + Tactics + Know How

Marketing coaching is one-on-one sessions that serve you. Maybe you need help to more clearly define your services and convey your value proposition. Maybe it’s pulling all that you do together, cohesively under one brand. It could be strategy to prep for an upcoming pitch. It could be all of your marketing questions that come up during the week, and now you have an expert to guide you to the best solution.

And You’ll Get Homework

There’s always a strategy/goal in mind for each call you get the marketing coaching and always leave with specific action steps to move things forward.

Yes, Someone Could Do It for You…

Whether it’s your business or your project to change the world, you’ve likely been at this for a little bit. You’ve had successes. You have skills. You know a lot, but you need that added spark to make things really kick into gear. That’s where marketing coaching can help.

This is customized marketing at its best, tailored to you, your questions and your specific needs.

Schedule a call with your future coach, Deanna Shoss, so see how Marketing Coaching can help you.

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