These free resources were designed to help empower you to thrive in this changing digital world, improve your social media and marketing know-how, and realize your dreams. No sign-up necessary! 


Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile in 7 Easy Steps

These are the first things to do after you’ve signed up for an account to optimize your profile. To begin, click “Me” on the top left, the Down Arrow, and “View Profile.”  Download here.


10 Tips for Good Cross-Cultural Communications

This handy document is a good reminder that will serve you well in any intercultural situation — both personal and professional! Print it out and put it somewhere easy to find. Download here.

10 Tips to Get Started with Social Media for Marketing

This guide was designed for those wanting to try some things on their own, or to help those who have hired someone to help them not drive that someone crazy. It goes over which platforms to use, how many to use, and HOW to use social media to support your business goals. Download here.

Social Media Cheat Sheet

This easy-to-follow guide gives the who, what, where, why, and how for using social media to market your business. Download here.

DIY Video Cheat Sheet

You don’t need a videographer and professional equipment to make videos that serve your audience. Here are 10 tips for easy DIY video you can do on your own. Get started using video for marketing your business and sharing your big ideas! Download here.

Intercultural Talks

Subscribe to the YouTube channel and listen to conversations about all things intercultural and intergenerational as relates to communication and connection. Watch here.

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You can’t improve unless you know where you’re at. This custom 10-point digital marketing audit will give a complete view of your current online presence, and guide you on where to improve.

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Whether you know a lot, or just enough to be dangerous, we meet you were you are. We can do it for you (posting, writing, etc.) or train you how and fill in the gaps.

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You don’t need a PR degree to do PR for your business. Learn the basic tools you need to know to get media coverage for your business. Learn how to write a press release, how to create a media list, scripts for calling the media and more.

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Meet Deanna Shoss, CEO of Intercultural Talk

Deanna Shoss Top of the World

Deanna Shoss is a writer, marketer and interculturalist in Chicago. She founded Intercultural Talk, Inc. in 2006 after completing her Masters degree in Anthropology and Marketing.

Intercultural Talk is a marketing consulting firm that specializes in digital, intercultural and real-life marketing. We serve entrepreneurs and small businesses, providing marketing strategy through delivery with clear, succinct messages that resonate with people of all backgrounds.

At Intercultural Talk, we meet you where you are, helping you define a clear strategy and brand, and a strong online (searchable!) presence, from website to blog to video and social media. “Real Life” activities round out your super powers, as we book speaking events, place media articles, create events to complement your marketing and communications needs.