Marketing Process Reengineering

Increase your internal capacity (aka “do more”) within your marketing department, between marketing and sales, among your board, or across multiple member or franchise locations. Think “BIG” but with consistency, scalable and sustainable.

Identity and Branding Packages

Consistent messaging, logo and design elements spread across all of your print and digital marketing, for consistent, recognizable messages that say YOU.  You know what you mean, we can hep you say it succinctly and powerfully.

Public Relations and Writing

Award winning press releases, articles, blog posts, web content, letters, campaigns. We’ll write it and reach out to media for placement. Internal and external communications.

Social Media and Inbound Marketing

Planning, content and measurement to increase your SEO, drive traffic to your website and convert it into sales or calls for services. Enews, blogging, and social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and more.

Special Events and Festivals

From major festivals attracting 20,000 people, to openins, fundraising, friendraising and community-wide events.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

There’s nothing more powerful than every member of your staff, your board, your stakeholders, speaking the same message about your good work, but from their own point of connection. You will get long-lasting value from these workshops on Crafting the Perfect Elevator pitch, Media Relations 101, Partnership Building, Using Stories to Tell your Story, Creating a Powerful Online Footprint with Social Media, and more. (See the full descriptions by clicking on the Workshops and Speaking Engagements menu above.)


Marketing as a Second Language

Designed to help everyone from front-line staff to top leadership develop the perfect pitch to succinctly and powerfully describe your organization.  This uses my “Three “P’s” for the Perfect Pitch:  Passion, Personal and Practice makes it Powerful.

Using Story to Tell Your Story

Learn the power of using personal and individual stories of clients and/or positive community impact, to tell the story of your organization. And, of course, what makes a good story, how to collect stories, and more.

Media Training 101

This is a great overview with tips, do’s and don’ts, to prepare for a planned, positive interview, or to respond to unexpected calls from the media.

Building Your Online Footprint

This workshop can be adapted to the skills and needs of the group, from Social Media Primer (what is it, and when/why should you care) to setting up your on-line personality, to more advanced blogging, social media, and weaving your organization’s Online real estate.

Marketing, Communications and Public Relations

See the separate menu above for details on marketing, branding and other communications services.