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Marketing Strategy & Tactics

Get found online and build your authority. I empower people to adapt and thrive, realize their dreams in a world that has changed with digital, intercultural and real-life marketing.

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Spark to Life: Co-Creation

You’ve got a big idea you’re ready to bring out into the world. You’re just not exactly sure how to do it and would love someone with a strategic mind and marketing know-how to work together on it. You don’t want to do it on your own, and you don’t want to completely hand it off to someone else. If this sounds like you, our Spark to Life done-with-you support would be perfect.

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Guide Your Spark: 1:1 Coaching

You know enough to be dangerous, just need a little guidance on what to do next. Access your secret super power with marketing coaching. Marketing coaching includes one-on-one sessions that serve you with the strategy, tactics, and know-how to help guide you through.

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Intercultural and DEI Services

As a Strategic Partner with world-renowned Executive Diversity Services, Intercultural Talk can connect clients to global Diversity & Inclusion training, Unconscious Bias training, and more.

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