What are you an Expert at?

Between LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and G-d know what other sources are available in print or online, there are experts at everything nowadays. Many experts are self-proclaimed. But also bountiful are those with third-party credibility because there are so many “news” sources running 24 hours a day that need experts to provide “authoritative affirmation” of whatever…

How to double your business, double your impact, and change the world

Award winning speaker and consultant, Sarah Victory, joins us this week to share the secret of doubling your business and success to change the world! For our passionate small business owners, this is an incredible opportunity to hear from the very best consultant on what you can start doing now to grow your impact and business to soaring heights. Don’t forget to check out Sarah’s newest book, How to Be Powerful: Insider Secrets to Brilliant Leadership, Sales and Speaking.