New and Trending in Business Tech

Interested in what’s new and brewing in the business tech industry? Hear it first from tech expert Thierry Hubert, Chief Technology Officer at DigiMax Global. After 30 years in the industry, Theirry has worked among fortune 100 companies across the globe, receiving awards and recognition for his contribution to the field. For this week’s show we will chat about all the changes, improvements, and future of tech in business and what tech you can start using for your business.

Is Project Management Software Worth It for Smaller Small Businesses?

I don’t know about you, but I get prospected by new software platforms that promise to automate my business and let me work less and do more. Yay for that! But they are often a proprietary dashboard that’s cumbersome and complicated and feel like sending an ambulance to solve a paper cut. Technologist Thierry Hubert (who created one of the first web-based workflow/project management systems for Lotus back in the day) joins to talk about what’s out there, what might scale for super small businesses (that’s team…not teams), and if or how they might help your microbusiness.

What Tech Do You Really Need for Your Business?

Do you ever see those surveys? The ones asking, “which of these solutions do you use for ….” It could be everything from project management to sending email to creating video. While I thought I was doing okay (Constant Contact for email, Streamyard for live streaming, Canva for graphics), I didn’t recognize most of the…