Deanna Shoss is a writer, marketer and interculturalist in Chicago.

Shoss founded Intercultural Talk, Inc. in 2006 after completing her Masters degree in Anthropology and Marketing. Intercultural Talk is a marketing consulting firm that specializes in digital, intercultural and real-life marketing. The company serves entrepreneurs and small businesses, providing marketing strategy through delivery with clear, succinct messages that resonate with people of all backgrounds.

Intercultural Talk works in partnership with clients to create branded websites, blogs, social media and e-Newsletters. We teach clients the parts they want to try themselves. Or we take your brilliant ideas, vision and expertise and seamlessly make it appear across your online platforms and in real life.

Before Intercultural Talk

Shoss has worked in City government, creating exhibits and events for 80 million travelers through O’Hare and Midway Airports (she personally got the dinosaur in Terminal 1 through security) and oversaw public relations for McDonald’s Owner/Operators of Eastern New England.  She is past President of the League of Chicago Theatres.  As head of marketing for Jewish Child & Family Services and JVS Chicago, she provided brand management, social media and marketing strategy to serve 31,000 people across 40 social service programs.

Tell me more

Shoss has extensive experience in community engagement. She has planned major, inclusive citywide festivals including First Night Evanston and the Hyde Park Jazz Festival. She is a regular presenter at the Midwest Security and Police Conference and Expo on community engagement for law enforcement.

Shoss takes pride in having received a Special Recognition Award from the DODO Chapter of the Tuskegee Airmen. She personally got the dinosaur in Terminal 1 at O’Hare through security.

And she teaches aerobics

Shoss speaks Portuguese, Spanish and French and is a certified Body Pump and group fitness (aka aerobics) instructor. She served as an elected member of her Local School Council (LSC) at Taft High School.

Deanna Shoss Top of the World
Deanna Shoss started her marketing career early, as Miss Mail Marketing of St. Louis at age 5.